RCI Points

Our timeshare owners who wish to join RCI Points will enjoy the most flexible exchange program available in the industry.  RCI Points offers more flexibility, more control, and more options than the traditional weeks exchange. RCI Points is the most efficient and rewarding way to spend your vacation dollars and to make the most of your vacation days. RCI Points is RCI's global points-based vacation exchange program. When you join RCI Points, you'll have the ability to customize a vacation that is just right for you and your family. As an RCI Points member, you are automatically allowed access to the RCI Weeks system of more than 4,000 resorts worldwide. With RCI Points, you have the flexibility to:

  • Choose how long and where you would like to stay (1 night, 2 nights, 7 nights or more)
  • Vacation at your home resort for weekends or holidays
  • Choose to stay at other RCI Points resorts
  • Choose from a variety of unit types and seasons
  • Save or borrow RCI Points
  • Use RCI Points to book airline tickets, rent a car, hotel stays, or even book a cruise
  • Use RCI Points at RCI Weeks resort
  • Receive multiple weeks of usage with one RCI membership and only one annual maintenance fee to your home resort by taking advantage of RCI's Last Call or Extra Vacation Getaways

The number of points you are allotted each year depends on the week you own; however, since trading power is not an issue with points, you may have access to destinations you otherwise might not be able to visit using the RCI Weeks program.

As a Crown Resorts vacation owner, you can begin taking advantage of the RCI Points program by converting your existing membership to points. Using RCI Points on an annual basis may make it possible for you to vacation more than just seven nights a year. A minimal, one time, enrollment fee will apply when you convert your timeshare week into RCI Points. If you are ready to own a timeshare at one of our Crown Resorts, and become a member of RCI Points, simply Contact Us to find out how to purchase a week and join this exciting program. 

As with the RCI Weeks program, on-line access to your RCI Points account is available at www.rci.com